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Project Case Study

Working with our trade partner, Creed Miles, we created this stunning reception desk at the Surrey office of Air Charter Service.

Initially, the client had selected a solid surface desk, but following a design consultation, our team designed and manufactured this bespoke curved desk finished in black laminate with solid ash 'staves' painted in elegant Daytime Green.

The transaction top and desktop on the desk were finished in Durasein Glacier White Solid Surface.

To match the reception desk, we were also commissioned to make the wall panelling around the lifts. The panelling matched the style used on the desk, with solid ash 'staves'.

The impact a reception desk can have on visitor experience

When someone walks into your building for the first time, the desk, the space, and the atmosphere, all combine to create the perfect moment you want for your guests — and for your business. It’s the heart of your reception area and, therefore, the most important part of your visitors’ ‘first impressions’ experience.

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