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Complimentary Design Service

Updated: Apr 23

 Bespoke joinery - our complimentary design service

Do you know what you need to achieve but want some options in terms of how to go about it?

Whether it’s having a challenging lobby space and worrying how to maximise reception desk space, making material choices that reflect brand values, or ensuring the statement you’re making with your furniture is the right one – our design team is on hand to inspire you, at no charge.

Our complimentary design services team's expert knowledge and skills can bolster your own team, giving you back some much-needed time while we design and create bespoke joinery solutions with your space and budget in mind.

Share your project requirements with us and let us come up with a range of possibilities.

Below are some examples of projects where our design service has made the difference..

Air Charter Services

Air Charter Services sought a reception area that improved security and enhanced the visitor experience.

Working closely with trade partner Creed-Miles, our team carefully designed a desk that could seamlessly accommodate the entrance security solution and selected materials and finishes that would reflect the brand's corporate identity. Matching wall panelling was also added to the lift area to maintain the tone throughout.

Virgin Media / O2

Following the recent merger of Virgin Media and O2, the client required a reception desk for their office's entrance lobby.

Our design team was tasked with creating a desk that could incorporate both brand identities, match the existing decor, and serve as a central focus in the lobby for visitors seeking assistance.

A Durat speckled table top and a Formica Laminate wooden finish for the front of the desk were selected to combine the two brands' blues and reds and blend in seamlessly with the existing decor.

From concept through manufacture to final installation – we can turn a vision into a reality.

Whether you're looking for a bespoke joinery solution for your office, reception area, or any other space, our highly skilled and experienced team is committed to ensuring only the very best results.

We’re ready and waiting to discuss your needs and assist with answering any specific project requirements you may have, so contact us at 01908 391600 or email us by following the link below.

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