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Project Focus: 6 Kean Street, Covent Garden, London

Project partners:



What was required by the end-user and why?

The aim was to provide an elegant scheme that could also help to manage the flow of visitors through to the lift area of this multi-tenant building, whilst making DDA access a priority by incorporating inclusive ramp access.

We were asked to look at how solid surface could be used to give a seamless and flowing end result. To add to the challenge we also need to come up with a split-level reception desk and curved seating for visitors.

What was the solution put forward by Clarke Rendall?

We worked closely with Scott Osborn Ltd and Hale Brown Architects to develop design details and construction processes that would give the detail and overall appearance that the client was after.

We incorporated a CNC cut concrete shuttering system for Scott Osborn Ltd to set their concrete and glass balustrade into, which we then clad in solid surface and Oak Veneer.

With the reception desk, we were able to blend the step risers into the desk by facing them in a matching HI-MACS® Andromeda solid surface. The desk also had capacity for user storage and a large printer that we housed below the user desk surface.

What materials were used?

Finished in HI-MACS® Andromeda, quarter cut oak veneer and antique brass, the reception counter spans nearly 6m with an “Iron Grey, Crest Leather” desktop and is completed opposite, by an even longer bespoke seating installation featuring a custom-made, curved glazing balustrade.

What was the outcome?

We are all delighted with the results and the project has been well-received by all that have visited the site. Accessibility works very well now and the flow of people is smooth and clear for all.

With this project, we were able to bring some distinctively 21st-century styling to a classic 17th-century building.

The case study images are certainly very popular, it is a great example of what can be achieved with the right skills and experience using solid surface, which we certainly have.

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