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Are Covid Screens Here to Stay?

Perhaps the ‘New Normal’ doesn’t look as we imagined. Maybe there’s less social distancing and mask-wearing than we thought there’d be. But what about at work?

With more of us returning to the workplace - albeit, for many, in a hybrid-working way - what can we expect there? And, yes, what about the ubiquitous ‘Covid screens’ that popped up on every reception desk? Are they still with us? Do we still need them? Will they be with us forever?

The pandemic

In March 2020, when everything changed, the understandable reaction was to protect our workforce — and in many workplaces that meant erecting plastic screens on every desk possible. The screens appeared on reception desks, on office desks, and between visitor seating. Unsure of how Coronavirus was transmitting, employers put up Perspex barriers everywhere — to the point that the acrylic sheets almost ran out. The office furniture industry was swamped with orders.

And now?

Perhaps surprisingly, Covid screens are still proving popular and, in some cases, necessary. While there was some ‘tearing down’ when Government restrictions were lifted and the ‘living with Covid’ attitude became more common place, those who are vulnerable, those dealing with long-term Covid symptoms, those with loved ones affected by the virus are still concerned and want to feel as secure as possible.

When the pandemic first struck, we put an acrylic screen on our existing Zed desk. Sales of the Zed-Shield soared and only started dropping a few months ago — and then they started rising again. They’re simple, cost-effective, and relevant. Covid screens are still part of the conversation.

Why do people still want screens?

People are still thinking about Covid (cases are up and testing is down…); employers have a ‘safety’ responsibility towards their workforce, and the screens aren’t just needed for health reasons.

Many public sector companies see the added benefits of the screens. A recent client of ours - a Town Hall re-design - requested permanent screens for the reception area. The building has a multitude of visitors - from weddings to council meetings - and they decided such a public area needed a security screen too. A Covid screen works to protect in all ways.

All our desks can be adapted to your needs

Whatever your reasons for wanting a screen, whatever screen you decide on, we can offer a solution. We can provide temporary screens that stand on the desk; simple glass or Perspex screens that fit into a slot on the desk; framed versions that can be permanent or removed; or more substantial permanent screens that are designed into the structure of the desk.

As Bradley Fielden, our Sales & Marketing Director, explains: “wherever people are at with this issue, we can help”. “As a company”, he says, “we‘d prefer the screens to be a thing of the past because they can control the overall design. But, yes, let’s keep the conversation going.

“From the Zed-Shield, the quick-fix product that we can offer off the page, to bespoke desks with incorporated permanent screens, if your client or company wants a screen, we can provide it.

“I think a lot of people still need the reassurance of screens — especially when fewer people are wearing masks. One of the pros of having a screen is the user doesn’t have to wear a mask which means the visitor gets to see a smile, and that’s something we’ve been missing.”

For any advice and help on how our team can assist you, please contact us at or 01908 391600

Our desks with screens in situ

Bespoke curved reception counter finished in Deep Cloud Corian® with Perspex sneeze guard screen and LED-backlit logo

Beautiful 3m bespoke reception desk made using solid kiln-dried oak, hand-polished with a deep black stain. Accents of brushed brass and desktops finished in Black Ceasarstone® with a removable Perspex Covid screen added to the desk.

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