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TRADE PARTNER: Imago Interiors
CLIENT: Wiggin

TRADE PARTNER: Imago Interiors
CLIENT: Wiggin

Reception Desk​

Moss Reception Desk  finished in Solid Premium White Egger Laminate with Moss Foothills fitted to the front feature panel.

Bespoke Island Seating Unit 

Bespoke Island Unit is  finished in In Formica Neo Cloud and Formica American Walnut Laminate with Cool White LED Lighting. Seat pads are finished in Kvadrat Canvas.

Bespoke Hubble Shaped Table 

Bespoke Shaped Table finished in Solid Premium White Egger Laminate.

Bespoke Console Tables 

Bespoke Console Tables finished in  Solid Premium White Egger Laminate  and fitted with LED Colour Changing strip Lighting. 

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