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Reception Desk Finishes

Updated: Apr 9

New Finishes- Standard Reception Desk Range

Our all-new Standard Reception Desk finishes

Spring is in the air, and our new ranges offer clients all the latest trends to create a fresh look for your reception area.

From Muted Pastels to Woodgrain Laminates and our Material Reproduction Laminates range, we've got you covered.

Discover our new range of options below.

Muted Pastels

The pace of change is accelerating rapidly as consumers seek a fresh, more flexible approach to design.

New to our range, we welcome the arrival of our muted-colour laminates. Taking on the challenge of replacing cool greys as the base colour, these pastel tones are leading the charge.

Monochrome Colours & Material Reproduction Laminates

We've added a variety of natural stone reproductions to our lineup to ensure the finishes complement the decor image and complete the overall finish.

Take our Cupria Slate (F237 ST76), for instance; it offers a warm, elegant, natural tone that replicates the rough texture characteristics of natural slate.

Woodgrain Laminates 

With consumers becoming more conscious of their environmental impact, there has been a growth in the selection of creating a natural and authentic finish.

We have responded to this demand by introducing a selection of Egger Expressive Woodgrain laminates to our range of options, that offer a more sophisticated texture, imitating a more realistic wood effect, such as Norwich Oak (H3003 ST19).

With a range of options to choose from, we'll work with you to create the desired look for your reception desk to complete your space. Explore the complete range of standard finishes.

Should you require an alternative finish, we’ll work with you to create a special version or a completely bespoke option to suit.

For more information and to discuss any specific bespoke finish requirements that are not covered as part of our standard package, such as real wood veneers, please call our sales team on 01908 391 600.

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