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Smile…first impressions count!

How creating a welcoming environment in dental practices doesn’t have to hurt!

As the saying goes, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ and in today’s image-conscious world, that’s becoming increasingly evident within the dental industry.

With many young patients looking to achieve the so-called ‘Love Island smile’ it is often celebrities, trend setters and influencers that are having the greatest sway over patients’ dental aspirations.

Creating a winning smile and experience though is more than just what goes on in the dentist chair. As well as offering a welcoming and relaxing environment for patients, increasingly, dental practices are looking to create a stylish and Instagram-worthy atmosphere, moving away from what might be considered a traditional clinical dentist’s waiting room - full of worried looking patients - to one that evokes the style of a private, high-end clinic.

The furniture and reception desk will play a key role in this, as Kirsty Hague - Marketing and Interiors Director at Hague Dental Supplies - explains: “Reception areas are such an important space in a dental practice and sometimes they can be mistakenly overlooked. That first impression can reassure and give confidence to new patients too. We’ve seen more and more of our clients asking us to help them with the design aspects of their dental practice, as well as providing them with required dental equipment.

“From help choosing the right reception desk to bespoke wall finishes using natural materials, so many of our clients know that good design can say so much about who they are as a practice and how they want to make their patients feel while they are there.”

Hague Dental Supplies has been working alongside Clarke Rendall as their reception desk supplier since 2020. With a shared ethos of providing top quality products together with a passion for delivering first-class customer service, the partnership allows Hague Dental Supplies to offer their customers a comprehensive range of reception desk collections and bespoke options, designed to reflect a practice’s brand, feel and personality.

Kirsty continues: “Working alongside suppliers like Clarke Rendall, we help design the bespoke dental reception areas our clients are looking for, ensuring we deliver the best possible options and most innovative solutions.

“While simple, functional reception areas remain popular, we’ve seen clients looking to provide a real design element to their practices, some even requesting the addition of a feature wall using natural materials, where their patients might stop to take a selfie to show off their new smile!”

Bradley Fielden, Sales and Marketing Director at Clarke Rendall, says: “Our experience as a bespoke furniture manufacturer tells us that a reception desk and welcome area isn’t just about pleasing aesthetics that reflect brand colours, they’re also about considering the needs of your guests and staff members too.

“We know that the desk, the space and the reception team - being the first and last point of contact – collectively set the tone for every patient’s experience. It’s great to be working alongside the team from Hague Dental Supplies, helping them provide the right joinery solutions for their customers.”

The latest industry research indicates that the global market for cosmetic dentistry is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 5%, increasing its value to an estimated £21 billion by 2026 and many dental practices are seeing a boom in new registrations and requests by patients to take advantage of the very latest cosmetic dental treatments. According to the Oral Health Foundation, adults under the age of 35 are splashing out £750 a year on dental care and more than half (53%) of under 35s have had cosmetic dental treatment in the UK.

Examples of Clarke Rendall’s reception and bespoke joinery solutions will be on display at the Hague Dental Supplies stand at the BDIA Dental Showcase , taking place at ExCel, London from 25-26 March. As a special offer to all those who order at the show, Clarke Rendall will also provide a free storage pigeonhole, with every order.

For more information about Hague Dental Supplies and the design services they offer to dental practices, visit and for more information about how to create a great welcome for your visitors, get in touch with the Clarke Rendall team on 01908 391600 or email

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