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Project Focus: Skipper Building, London

Project partners:

What was required by the end user and why?

Working closely with GPAD architects and Scott Osborn, we were asked to provide high-quality modern reception furniture using an industrial palette of materials including concrete, metal, stone, and leather. Vanity units for the various bathrooms in the property were also on the agenda.

What was the solution put forward?

A low-level reception desk with bespoke power integration in 20mm GREY PULIDO STONE and SPRAYED METAL FINISH - INTERPON FUTURA AUTU - Y22091 specified by GPAD worked really well and gave the desired effect.

To accompany it a low-level bench in micro concrete with a leather seat pad and oak detailing.

What materials were used?

The bespoke reception desk​ was clad in PPC METAL and GREY PULIDO STONE.

The bespoke bench seating was finished in WHITE EGGER LAMINATE and OAK WOOD VENEER with a MICRO CONCRETE TOP and ALMA BLACK LEATHER seat cushions.

​Finally, the bespoke vanity unit was finished in SOLID LIGHT GREY EGGER LAMINATE.

Any issues that needed to be overcome?

The concrete low-level bench had to match through with the level of the adjacent steps and finish correctly against the 3d concrete wall panelling above, so we undertook various surveys assisted by Scott Osborn to make sure it suited correctly. It’s all in the detail!

Are you seeing an increase in project work where you are asked to create bespoke joinery solutions for locations outside of the traditional reception area?

Vanity units have always been a part of our business where solid surface is being used, as we manufacture all solid surface products in-house, we can offer great bespoke solutions for almost any room.

The outcome - Now that the installation is complete, did it meet the client’s expectations?

The standout feedback from those that have seen the project complete, is that the great use of materials in the design by GPAD has resulted in a location that is now a noticeable landmark in the area.

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