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How we help create your entire reception look

The success of the look and feel of your reception area - and therefore the success of the visitor experience and your company’s first impression - isn’t just down to the beauty and functionality of the desk. (Although that is very important!) It’s down to the entire aesthetic of the space.

At Clarke Rendall we understand that — and that’s why we offer additional bespoke joinery projects alongside our business furniture designs.

How we complete the look

Projects come to us through designers, furniture specialists, interior companies, and architects. In all of these scenarios, we ask about the overall interior scheme - the carpets, the wall colours, the lighting - so we can make suggestions for complementary desk designs and also offer ideas for any additional bespoke elements that might help complete the look.

The joinery additions we offer

Feature walls and wall panels - that are displayed behind the desk or visitor seating - are very popular with clients with ‘shared designs’ often requested. For example, a lot of clients will buy wall panelling that has the same wooden stave effect as our Stave desk. This is a great cost-effective way of tying the walls in with the furniture.

The look can involve more than just wall panels. The walls can evolve into an area to display a large screen, a display unit, a TV… there may be integrated lighting, highlighted colours and features from the desk, and maybe an area where parcels and miscellaneous items can be stored. There may also be built-in bench seating and meeting booths too.

Our business was founded on bespoke solutions - focusing initially on bespoke joinery - so we’re used to thinking about the whole picture. We have the experience and expertise to absolutely deliver the entire look.

The Covid effect

The pandemic changed clients’ needs and requests. With hybrid working now increasingly the norm, employers are looking at ways to entice their workforce back to the office by making workplaces more informal, more collaborative, more sociable — and we are helping to drive that evolution.

One new trend is for customers now asking for more casual café-style greeting areas. For one current project, we’ve been asked to create a 7-metre reception ‘island’ with a tea and coffee area behind it. Visitors can come in, bring their laptops, have a cup of tea or lunch, speak to the person they’re meeting - basically, hang out - all within the same reception greeting space.

The other huge part of our business right now is creating bespoke corporate bars and coffee bars that can be fitted with integrated coffee machines, for example. These new types of commissions have to be thought about differently — and we work with design companies and contractors to come up with designs and solutions for a range of changing assignments.

The look can change

The look can start with the desk and then wall panelling might be added. Then, perhaps, storage and breakout benches. There’s no time limit and the look can be expanded upon and improved upon whenever - if ever - the client decides.

Spaces and the way they are used can change. A relatively compact area might need to be rejigged or added to. We keep a record of every design and every material for every job — so we are able to reference and use that information whenever the client needs us to.

The look is cost-effective

The whole look - a desk, panelling, storage, and breakout benches - might seem daunting, budget-wise, but it can actually be more economical.

For instance, a recent project consisted of a longer desk with a receptionist ‘area’ sited at the end. This concept combined space where the receptionist would sit, alongside a collaboration area where maybe 15-20 people could sit and meet.

While it was more expensive than a simple reception desk, if a company has 100 employees, changing work styles may mean they now only need full-time space for, say, 60 people, so they’re saving on 40 desks, 40 PCs, 40 monitor arms – money that has now been directed towards creating spaces that work for the way we work today.

Bradley Fielden, our Sales & Marketing Director, explains how completing the look is something Clarke Rendall is proud of: ‘Whatever level of comprehensive look you want’, he says, ‘we can deliver.

‘We have this capacity because of our company pedigree; because of our experience and expertise in considering all design intent. We think about the intent before we quote — so the end result is something that the designers and our clients love.’

If you’d like to discuss a bespoke joinery project to help complete or enhance your reception area, get in touch on 01908 391600 or email

We’re always happy to share our experience.

Some examples of our bespoke joinery projects

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