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Project Focus: Wiggin LLP, London

Project partners:

TRADE PARTNER: Imago Interiors

Project Overview / Objectives - What was required by the end user and why?

The client was looking for an up-market but sustainable design with lots of light and bold colour accents.

The solution - What was Clarke Rendall’s solution?

This project involved the refurbishment of two floors and creating a new client floor for Wiggin, a high-profile law firm specialising in media, technology, and IP.

We worked alongside our trade partner, Imago Interiors to create a range of bespoke furniture solutions for both the reception area and a variety of meeting room and break-out spaces.

The solution included a reception desk, an island seating unit, and meeting and console tables.

What materials were used?

The moss reception desk was finished in solid premium white Egger Laminate with Moss Foothills fitted to the front feature panel.

The bespoke island unit was finished in In Formica Neo Cloud and Formica American Walnut Laminate with cool white LED lighting. The seat pads were finished in Kvadrat Canvas.

The meeting and console tables were finished in solid premium white Egger Laminate with the added addition of LED colour-changing strip lighting added to the console tables.

Any issues that needed to be overcome/specific installation challenges?

We had to look at a way of presenting the naturally preserved moss on the front of the desk without it coming into contact with visitors arriving at the desk.

We came up with an overhang detail with down lighting that ensured space between the moss feature and those using the desk, it also had the added benefit of highlighting the material below.

Now that the installation is complete, did it meet the client’s expectations?

The design team at Imago came up with the design concept and we worked through the technical details to provide manufacturing solutions to their design. The end results of this collaboration were outstanding.

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